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Toobin Accuses Barr of Sending a 'Dog Whistle to Sean Hannity'


Discussing Attorney General William Barr's testimony on Capitol Hill Wednesday, the panel on The Situation Room repeatedly used the terms "dog whistle" and "bullhorn" when describing his assertion that there was spying on the Trump campaign leading up to the 2016 Presidential Election. CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash admitted that "he is saying what happened," adding "there was surveillance of people associated with the Trump campaign." Bash labeled the word "spying" as "very, very loaded" but admitted "it is technically accurate." CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin complained that "Bill Barr is a classic demonstration of what's happened to the Republican Party. You know, he used to be an establishment figure, you know, George Herbert Walker Bush administration. And now, it's a Fox News party."  Toobin continued to trash Fox News by saying "the Attorney General of the United States in a dog whistle to Sean Hannity is a big deal." Bash went a step further, initially describing "the terminology he used" as a "dog whistle" before declaring "actually, it was a bullhorn."  

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