Todd Insults Sen. Johnson: ‘I Have to Deal In Facts...Go Back on Your Partisan Cable Cocoon’

Brent Baker | January 16, 2023
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“I’m a journalist. I have to deal in facts,” Meet the Press host Chuck Todd lectured Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) when the Senator dared recount the misdeeds of Hunter Biden that the new Republican Congress plans to investigate. Todd jumped in to demand to know why Johnson was not equally outraged about Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Johnson pointed out how the media have “suppressed” much of the Hunter Biden story, “you invite me on to argue with me” and “part of the reasons our politics are inflamed is we do not have an unbiased media.”   

That angered Todd, who insulted his guest: “You can go back on your partisan cable cocoon and talk about media bias all you want. I understand it’s part of your identity.”

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