The Smell of Pork Spending Sizzling in Congress Unappetizing to Nets


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As Congress prepared to slink into their smoke-filled backrooms to craft the next federal budget, President Biden made it clear that his old-timey ways meant that the era of wasteful earmarks and pork-barrel spending was back. And despite Democrats and some Republicans packing on millions of dollars of taxpayer money in spending for their pet projects in their home districts, the flagship morning and evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC were uninterested in the smell of cooking pork.

Instead of reporting on the wasteful pork spending of Congress, all of the networks covered the descent of a Chinese rocket that was falling to Earth. ABC’s World News Tonight also reported on the coming emergence of a brood of cicadas. And NBC Nightly News talked about surprise fees for summer vacation. A prime example of their lack of allegiance to their audiences.

As usual, Fox News Channel was on the case Thursday. “Earmarks are back in Congress and that means politicians are competing for your tax dollars to spend in their districts on all kinds of projects,” Special Report anchor Bret Baier announced at the top of the segment.


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