Siding with Terrorists AGAIN: Nets Decry Israel Defending Itself from Hamas


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Over the years, NewsBusters has extensively documented how the liberal broadcast networks had thrown their support behind terrorist groups that wanted to wipe Israel off the map. Well, they were back at it again Monday after Hamas had indiscriminately launched over 150 rockets at Israeli civilians and Israel justly responded by targeting their attacker. Between ABC, CBS, and, NBC they decried Israel’s effective response after the Iron Dome saved lives and the latter suggested Israel was the escalator.

The report on NBC Nightly News was arguably the most egregious as correspondent Matt Bradley blamed Israel for the military exchange. “Tonight in the Holy Land, one of the most dangerous escalations in years. After Israeli missiles killed at least 20 people in the Gaza Strip,” he said

Only after the fact did he admit that “Israel's attack [was] retaliation for these rockets. As many as 150 of them. Launched at Jerusalem by the Palestinian militant group Hamas. Sparking alerts that sent Jerusalem residents scrambling.”


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