SHOCK: CBS Presses Dems on Dropping Socialism, Being Moderate


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In a truly surprising move during Sunday’s Face the Nation, CBS host Margaret Brennan pressed Democrats Congressman Cedric Richmond (LA) and Senator Joe Manchin (WV) on how the embrace of socialism by their party hurt them in down-ballot races in the 2020 election. Brennan even wrapped up the Manchin interview with a question about Democrats shifting to more “moderate” politics.

Just as she was about to finish her interview with Rep. Richmond, Brennan sprung her first question about the Democratic Party and socialism, citing comments from Biden campaign surrogate Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC). “Your colleague whip Clyburn, on Fox, said recently ‘defund the police and Medicare for all and socialism were albatrosses around our necks.’ He was talking about this last election.”

Do you agree that these messages that may actually have energized some progressive voters, some young voters, have ultimately hurt your party? Is there a reckoning that needs to happen among Democrats,” she wanted to know. In his response, Richmond seemed to suggest that Democrats should do a better job of keeping their true intentions hidden from the public and then pushing the radical stuff after getting elected.


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