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Samantha Bee Trashes 'Terrible, Restrictive Abortion Laws...Being Passed Across the South'


Once again, Full Frontal host Samantha Bee has apparently decided that her true passion is for left-wing politics, not comedy. On the most recent edition of the show, Bee complained about the “terrible, restrictive abortion laws...being passed across the south” and “the shitty men who pass these laws despite not knowing where a vagina is.” Bee actually traveled to the south to talk to “the women who are doing so much to fight back” against the abortion laws. Bee’s “correspondent” Naomi Ekperigin spoke with a pro-abortion activist, who talked about how “reproductive justice picks up when a person misses her period” and has “these Oh, my God moments,” where she askswhether she has healthcare, whether she could keep a job, whether or not she can stay in school, whether or not she’s gonna experience violence.” According to the pro-abortion activist, “if you have good answers to these questions, you may turn an unplanned pregnancy into a wanted child. But if you have bad answers, then even a planned pregnancy or a wanted pregnancy may end in an abortion.” It looks like “reproductive justice” amounts to nothing more than a synonym for abortion.

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