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Samantha Bee: There's Already Enough Evidence to Impeach Trump, 'It's Called the Mueller Report'


As NewsBusters has previously reported, CNN admitted that Special Counsel Robert Mueller did not provide any new ammunition for Democrats' efforts to impeach President Trump but that did not stop some on the network for continuing to call for his impeachment anyway. Like her counterparts on cable news, Samantha Bee also called for impeachment in spite of Mueller's lackluster appearance on Capitol Hill during Wednesday's edition of Full Frontal. Bee mocked Mueller, whom she said "gave his testimony with all the enthusiasm and passion of a recently fired Basset Hound." According to Bee, "Mueller's testimony was like watching depressed paint dry, which is unfortunate for Democrats who want impeachment because their party as a whole isn't quite sold on the concept and this could be their last chance." Bee proceeded to attack the Democrats for failing to start impeachment hearings and waiting for public opinion to shift before doing so, suggesting that the Democratic Party slogan is "someone should do something but let's wait and see if it's okay. Oh, wait, it's too late: ah sh**." Bee closed her opening monologue by declaring: "Here's the thing, America, you didn't need the testimony today. If you've been waiting for evidence that Donald Trump should be impeached, you already have it. It is called the Mueller Report." At this point, the audience erupted into thunderous applause. Bee stressed that "you have everything you need to decide the question 'should Donald Trump be impeached?' And the answer is yes!"

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