Royal Succession: The View Chides Porter’s Run for Feinstein’s Seat

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 11, 2023
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California Democratic Congresswoman Katie Porter has been embroiled in scandal in recent weeks after it was reported that she allegedly fired a member of her staff, who’s also a veteran because they contracted COVID. But according to the cast of ABC’s The View, the real scandal was her “disrespectful move” to run for the California Senate seat currently occupied by Senator Dianne Feinstein before getting her blessing, as though she was a queen picking an heir.

After playing a clip of Porter’s announcement video, Whoopi Goldberg noted that “it's widely speculated that Feinstein will not be seeking another term,” but added that “since she hasn't actually made that official yet, some people are saying that Porter is making a disrespectful move by not waiting.”

Sunny Hostin dominated the floor when Goldberg opened the floor for comments and argued it was a bad look for Democrats after they showed “unity” around Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries. “I was surprised though because I think what we saw when we saw the Democrats during that House chaotic moment when we were trying to pick speakers was this unity,” she huffed.


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