Poll Tracker: Trump Has 'Very Good Chance' in 2020, Dems Unpopular

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 1, 2019
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During an appearance on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, FiveThirtyEight senior writer Perry Bacon Jr. made a 2020 election prediction that the other members of the liberal panel didn’t want to hear: President Donald Trump, though unpopular, had a “very good chance” at getting reelected. All because the Democratic candidates were growing more unpopular by the day.

“And Perry, coming off our very strong Black Friday, the economy has not taken a major stumble under the President's watch,” noted fill-in host and ABC chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. “But his approval rating, clearly, still low. But if the economy stays strong, could that outweigh the negative?”

It was shortly thereafter that Bacon had to break the news to them. “This is still a very close electoral environment. Donald Trump, despite being unpopular, could win the election,” he said.

“In part, because the polls show that Democratic candidates for president are getting more unpopular sort of every day almost,” he added. “Biden started off this race fairly popular, he's more unpopular. Warren and Sanders are more unpopular. Buttigieg, if he gets to becomes more known will get more unpopular too, is my suspicion.”