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Pelosi on MSNBC: No One Cares What Clinton Did ‘Decades Ago’


<p>[See <a href="…; for more.]&nbsp;Appearing on MSNBC,&nbsp;Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi insisted that the accusations against Bill Clinton are not important because he&rsquo;s not the one running for president and that no one cares about &ldquo;what Bill Clinton did two decades ago.&rdquo;Calling Donald Trump a &ldquo;volatile adversary,&rdquo; anchor Andrea Mitchell worried, &ldquo;How fraught is this with risk for the Democratic Party and for Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s candidacy?&rdquo; She followed-up, asking, &ldquo;But on this issue of sexism and the issue of Bill Clinton&#39;s past, is that fair game?&rdquo;&nbsp;</p>

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