PBS Runs Interference for Joe Biden on His Son’s Indictment

Brent Baker | December 11, 2023
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The PBS NewsHour on Friday covered the indictment, on tax charges, of President Biden’s son, Hunter, but seemingly very reluctantly as the program was eager to make sure viewers knew there’s no connection to Joe Biden and it’s all a political stunt to help Donald Trump.

Anchor Geoff Bennett started with the “context” that Hunter “does not work in the White House for his father in the way that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump did. And the indictment does not in any way implicate President Joe Biden.”

Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post, who also hosts a show on MSNBC, elaborated on the spin to undermine any effort to hurt President Biden. Republicans, he fretted, have “been using...the president’s troubled son to try to sully the president,” but, he asserted, “so far, they’ve come up with nothing.”

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