Party Propaganda Team: Nets Promote Dem SLANDER of AG Barr

Nicholas Fondacaro | July 28, 2020
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In a heated hearing with the House Judiciary Committee Tuesday, Attorney General William Barr held his own as rabid Democrats slung stones and arrows at him, accusing him of being a political pawn for President Trump and using his seat at the Department of Justice to help reelect him. And like clockwork, the liberal broadcast networks diligently did their job as the propaganda wing of the Democratic Party and pushed their baseless slander.

CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell was particularly enthusiastic about bashing Barr as she led into the segment. “Today, Democrats accused Attorney General Bill Barr of doing President Trump's political bidding and of a double standard by using federal agents against protesters in Portland, while ignoring armed militias who took over Michigan's capitol building earlier this year,” she announced.

Of course, CBS (and also ABC) never noted the nuance that the protesters in Michigan never tried to destroy the Capitol building. The only thing they were guilty of, and deserved to get beaten for in the eyes of the left, was wanting the state to reopen so they could feed their starving families.

The report was conducted by CBS chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes, who tag teamed with Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to smear Barr and federal agents defending the courthouse.


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