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Out of Control: BLM Guest Goes Wild, Lemon Backs Him Up


<p>In the wee hours of Tuesday morning during <em>CNN Tonight with Don Lemon,</em> the panel discussion descended into borderline chaos as guests and the host engaged in a wild shouting match. It all started when the topic of Mayor Rudy Giuliani&rsquo;s convention speech was brought up. &ldquo;<strong>Rudy Giuliani&#39;s speech tonight was rousing. It was. It was the definition of rousing,</strong>&rdquo; stated Black Lives Matter supporter Bakari Sellers, &ldquo;<strong>But it was also the definition of divisive.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>Sellers&rsquo; shot at Giuliani came after, Donald Trump supporter, Andy Dean reminded the group that Giuliani was the reason New York City&rsquo;s crime rate dropped so dramatically. Dean noted that, &ldquo;<strong>New York City was a cesspool before Giuliani.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>Host Don Lemon pounced on Dean claiming, &ldquo;<strong>New York wasn&rsquo;t a cesspool. I lived there, it wasn&rsquo;t a cesspool.</strong>&rdquo; But Lemon&rsquo;s claim is misleading, it has been widely documented that during the 1980s and early 90s, particularly during the Crack Epidemic, New York City was a rough place to live.</p>

<p>Lemon was openly hostile to the GOP convention. In responding to Sellers&rsquo; comment, that Giuliani&rsquo;s speech was &ldquo;<strong>the definition of divisive</strong>&rdquo; Lemon sniped saying, &ldquo;<strong>Well that&rsquo;s what they&rsquo;re here for. It is the Republican convention.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>Lemon and Sellers, in a tag team style, attacked Dean and, Trump supporter, Kayleigh McEnany about why they hated Black Lives Matter. &ldquo;<strong>It means black lives matters, too, because we have a question in this country about the value of black lives. And that&rsquo;s all we&rsquo;re saying,</strong>&rdquo; shouted Sellers. &ldquo;<strong>Why is that so hard to understand? Answer the question,</strong>&rdquo; Lemon demanded of McEnany.</p>

<p>After, literally, several minutes of being shouted at McEnany was able get in her counter. She agreed that there were circumstances of racial bias in policing, but didn&rsquo;t agree with BLM&rsquo;s direction, &ldquo;<strong>when it gets to the point where an entire profession is demonized, which is what Andy is saying and he&rsquo;s right, and we have police being slaughtered because there is such distrust of the police&mdash;</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>She was quickly cut off by Lemon who insisted, &ldquo;<strong>But we don&rsquo;t know the cause of that though.</strong>&rdquo; In referencing the recent police ambushes Lemon argued, &ldquo;<strong>We don&#39;t have a 100 percent connection between what&#39;s being said and officers being slaughtered.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>But it&rsquo;s hard to separate the two when BLM chants, &ldquo;pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,&rdquo; and the Dallas and Baton Rouge shooters who say they aimed to kill police officers.&nbsp;</p>

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