'Out of Balance': Whoopi Demands Biden Pack the Supreme Court

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 30, 2022
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When you don’t get your way, changing the rules is the hallmark of the sore loser. And that’s exactly what Whoopi Goldberg was demanding during ABC’s The View on Thursday. With the recent U.S. Supreme Court rulings favoring conservatives hanging over them like the storm clouds over their set in the Bahamas, Goldberg pleaded for President Joe Biden to pack the Court with liberals in order to bring the highest court in the land back into “balance.”

“Listen, you have a Supreme Court that is not a balance of left and right. They are here. They're, like, this,” she whined as she mimed being a scale weighted to one side.

“And that is not what the Supreme Court is supposed to be because they have to rule -- they have to judicially; they are supposed to be the balance for the country. They're out of balance now,” she proudly proclaimed, showing off her ignorance of what the Court’s purpose is.