Only CBS Shows Cover of Charlie Hebdo Following Terrorist Attack


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<p><em>CBS This Morning</em> was the only network morning show on Wednesday to actually allow the cover of Charlie Hebdo to be shown on air. As co-host Charlie Rose reported that &quot;Across France people lined up this morning to buy copies of <em>Charlie Hebdo&#39;s</em> new edition,&quot; an image appeared on screen of French readers holding up their copies of the paper.</p>

<p>In the report that followed, correspondent Elizabeth Palmer held up her own copy of <em>Charlie Hebdo</em>: &quot;One of the hard-working members of our crew here in Paris got up and was at the newsstand by 7:00 and was rationed to one copy. Predictably, this cover is causing waves among some conservative Muslims.&quot;</p>

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