Oliver: 'The History of Policing in This Country is Entangled With White Supremacy'

Ryan Foley | June 8, 2020
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Sunday's edition of Last Week Tonight With John Oliver featured the eponymous host going on a profane rant against the police. He praised a man who called into an LA Police Commission Meeting and told Chief Michel Moore to "suck my d*** and choke on it" as "this generation's Robert Frost." Oliver himself directed the phrase "suck my d*** and choke on it" to people who are "asking why a spontaneous, decentralized protest can't control every one of its participants more than you are asking the same about a taxpayer-funded heavily regimented workforce." Apparently taking his cues from a recent Washington Post op-ed, Oliver complained that "the police have long enjoyed an exalted role in American society," referring to their favorable portrayals in pop culture. The HBO host proceeded to outline how "the history of policing in this country is entangled with white supremacy," spending nearly his entire show piling on the men and women in blue.