NYT's Blow Compares Trump to David Duke, Says His Political Campaign Served as 'Blue Print' For Present GOP

Ryan Foley | January 23, 2019
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During Monday's edition of Anderson Cooper 360, host Anderson Cooper and his panel engaged in a discussion focusing on whether or not President Trump is a racist.  The conversation ended with Cooper asking former Trump Campaign Adviser Steve Cortes if it bothered him that "somebody like David Duke is such a supporter of the President and always, you know, giving him plaudits for the things he said."  New York Times columnist Charles Blow talked about how he "lived through David Duke running for office in Louisiana," and argued that there are parallels between Duke and the President, when it comes to "policy," "the way he treats the media," "the way he has articulated his campaign," and "his appeal to white voters."  In order to make his point, Blow brought up a New York Times article that argued "if you strip away all the white supremacy stuff from David Duke, it was basically a blue print for how the present GOP is running on a policy level." 

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