NY Post’s Nelson Fires Hardballs to WH’s Sullivan on Censorship, Biden Family Ties to China

Curtis Houck | July 11, 2023
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

During a Tuesday morning press briefing on the sidelines of the NATO conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, the New York Post’s Steven Nelson broke from the press corps’s focus on NATO and the war in Ukraine to question National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on a new twist in the Biden family’s business dealings with a Chinese state-affiliated energy company and a report alleging collusion between the FBI, Ukrainian intelligence, and Big Tech.

Sullivan led with the finding about social media censorship alleged by the House Judiciary Committee:

[T]here’s a new House Judiciary Committee report that says the FBI partnered with a Ukrainian intelligence agency to assess disinformation and censor U.S. social media accounts.  Apparently, some accounts of journalists and even one of the State Department were wrapped up in this initiative. What are you able to tell us about the initiative and especially the White House and NSC involvements?