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New Yorker’s Malcolm Gladwell Predicts ‘Torrent of Misogyny’ Against Hillary


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<p>Appearing on Wednesday&rsquo;s <em>CBS This Morning</em>, <em>New Yorker</em> writer Malcolm Gladwell warned the hosts that Hillary Clinton would be the victim of sexist attacks if she became president: <strong>&ldquo;...if you look at previous examples of women who become the first head of state in their country, the examples are really a little bit sobering. It&#39;s not easy to be the first woman to take that. And so, if Hillary wins, I mean, my prediction is she&#39;s going to be in for a tough time...&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Gladwell cited the example of Australia&rsquo;s first female prime minister Julia Gillard, who was elected in 2010 and served until 2013. He bemoaned: &ldquo;...what happened to Gillard in Australia is very, very interesting. She gets elected, everyone says, &lsquo;Wow, we final elected a woman.&rsquo; <strong>And there is this kind of backlash. It unleashes this kind of torrent of suppressed misogyny and abuse.</strong> You cannot imagine what she goes through...&rdquo;</p>

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