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Nets Educate Viewers on How to Evade Trump’s ICE Raids of ‘Fear’


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Immigration and Customs Enforcement were reportedly set to fan out across the country and roundup some 2,000 illegal immigrants for deportation on Sunday. So, the liberal broadcast networks did everything they could Thursday evening to get the word out and educate people on how to evade ICE officials. In the process, they suggested Trump was trying to terrorize communities.

In the report for CBS Evening News, correspondent Jericka Duncan was in Queens, New York (which she strangely described as “a long-time epicenter for immigrants”) and spoke with an immigration attorney who claimed President Trump’s raid were “meant to create and further the fear and the panic in the community.”

After the attorney explained how to evade ICE by not opening the door unless they had a warrant, Duncan added that, “He says people in this community are worried about the raids, which will include collateral deportation. In other words, family members and friends of the targeted immigrants who are there when ICE arrives could also be arrested by ICE and deported.”

Duncan then highlighted the cities that were refusing to work with ICE and wrapped up her report by seeming to push an argument that the raids were unconstitutional.


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