Nets Skip Georgia Dems Teaming Up With Sexually Violent Rapper to GOTV

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 29, 2020
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So far, the Georgia runoffs have taught us a disturbing lesson about what the liberal media were willing to cover-up to help protect their candidates get control of the Senate. ABC, CBS, and NBC have collectively refused to cover Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff’s financial ties to China, the domestic violence allegation against Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock, and Warnock’s child abusing church camp.

Tuesday saw the bar set even lower, as the broadcast networks covered up the fact that both candidates invited rapper BRS Kash to headline their joint get out the vote event on Monday. The problem? BRS Kash had a long history of making sexually violent tweets that go back years. He also rewrote the lyrics of a sexually violent song for their event.

Fortunately, Fox News Channel’s Leland Vitter wasn’t afraid to report on the Democrats teaming up with such a vile person. “When the rapper BRS Kash headlined a get out the vote event for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock he edited the lyrics to his song Throat Baby to ‘vote baby,’” he told Special Report viewers.


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