Nets Ignore GOP Slamming Door on Dems in TX Special Election


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Turning Texas blue has been a saucy dream for liberals for countless cycles now, and every two years the media fantasize about the day it would. But on Saturday, Republicans slammed the door on Democratic efforts to flip the sixth district as two Republican candidates edged out them out and leading to a runoff. And in addition to locking out Democrats, voters in the district sent multiple members of the school board packing for pushing critical race theory.

None of this was reported by the major broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) during their Sunday newscasts, with their silence spilling over into Monday as well. Instead of reporting on the Democratic defeats, they mourned for the divorce of Bill and Malinda Gates. NBC actually kicked off their Monday evening newscast with it.

Meanwhile, both ABC and NBC sported online reports about the special election. On the day of the election, ABC had a report noting: “For Democrats, the race for the state's 6th Congressional District … will test just how tossup-friendly the Republican-leaning area has become since Biden's win in November and since the subsequent fallout over the Capitol Hill riot in January.”

They didn’t do a follow-up with the results.


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