Nets Disregard Caravan Leader Pledging 'Ready for War' With National Guard

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 12, 2021
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In a disturbing video posted on Twitter a week ago, migrant activist and leader of the massive 80,000-person caravan heading to the U.S.-Mexico border, Irineo Mujica declared that they were “ready for war” with the National Guard if they would not let them through regardless if they had the proper documentation or not. And equally disturbing, at no point in the last seven days had the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, or NBC) shared this very clear threat with their viewers.

Despite the story circulating for a week, Fox News Channel was the only major television outlet to give it considerable airtime with multiple segments throughout the weekend. And by Monday, they were still at it while ABC’s World News Tonight, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News were gushing about Paul McCartney blaming John Lennon for the Beatles breaking up.

Meanwhile, the story was so widespread at it even showed up in reporting from a local Chicago television station, WGN9. It also showed up on NewsNation Now’s On Balance with Leland Vittert. “You would think that given all this information, the Biden administration would be sending for reinforcements and sending them to the border,” said Vittert, but he wasn’t.


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