Nets Censor Senate Hearing on Shady Voting Bill to Nationalize U.S. Elections


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With the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) pushing lies about Republicans supposedly trying to “roll back voting rights” and bring back Jim Crow laws, it was obviously suspicious when these same networks refused to cover the Senate’s Wednesday hearing on S1, a bill Democrats claimed would put an end to these GOP machinations and be the savior of voting rights.

In reality, it was a sweeping piece of legislation that stripped the states of their constitutional right to run their own elections and handed it over to the federal government. But instead of reporting on what would be an “attack on our democracy” if the parties were reversed, ABC’s World News Tonight talked about the weather while CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News pushed the gender pay gap myth.

Luckily, Fox News Channel’s Special Report wasn’t interested in keeping the Democratic plot a secret from their viewers. Congressional correspondent Chad Pergram was on the story and he showcased many soundbites from the hearing, including this one featuring Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer calling out the crux of the bill.


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