Nets Celebrated Flynn’s Plea Deal But Decry Case Getting Dropped PART 1

Nicholas Fondacaro | May 7, 2020
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Almost two and a half years after accepting a plea deal because he was entrapped by anti-Trump FBI investigators, former General Michael Flynn saw light at the end of the tunnel Thursday. After the case was reviewed by the Department of Justice, Attorney General William Barr order the case be dropped citing the fact Flynn had not lied about anything material or central to the Russia investigation. The development didn’t go over well with the liberal broadcast networks, who spent a lot of airtime celebrating the plea as another step closer to getting President Trump out of office.

On December 1, 2017, after Flynn stepped into a federal court house to plead guilty, ABC, CBS, and NBC spent a combined 24 minutes and eight seconds celebrating it. NBC Nightly News clocked in at over eight minutes (8:24), ABC’s World News Tonight also had over eight minutes (8:12), and CBS Evening News wasn’t far behind with over seven minutes (7:32).

Yet, for Barr’s decision to drop the dubious case, they could only muster six minutes and 35 seconds. This time, CBS had the most with just under three minutes (2:58), NBC had two minutes and four seconds, and ABC brought up the rear with one minute and 33 seconds. And none of them showed viewers the exculpatory evidence presented in recently released notes from FBI investigators, who made it clear they were going out of their way to target the General.

Not only were the time disparities something of note, so were their tones and excitement to see the walls close in on Trump.


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