Nets Attack Atlanta Sheriff With Out-of-Context Quote About Asian Spa Shooter


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In the immediate aftermath of the tragic shooting spree of an alleged sex addict against a series of Asian spas in Atlanta last week, the hammer that was the liberal media saw everything as a racist nail. On Thursday and Friday morning, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) took their cues from Vox liar Aaron Rupar and falsely smeared Cherokee County Sheriff’s spokesman, Captain Jay Baker with an out-of-context quote making it seem like he was downplaying the attack.

They also suggested it was “racist” to acknowledge the fact COVID-19 came from China.

ABC’s World News Tonight, led the way with the false story angle with anchor David Muir putting Baker alongside hate: “What's being done to stop the hate? And the county sheriff who will no longer be the spokesperson on this case, one day after he described what the suspect told investigators going on to say yesterday was ‘a really bad day for him.’

But as Reason magazine’s Robby Soave pointed out on Friday, the liberal media were taking Baker out of context based on “a 20-second video clip.” “But that's not what Baker did. In fact, many of the people so infuriated about the quote were misled by Rupar's edit of the video,” he said.


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