NBC’s Chuck Todd Disturbed Conservative ‘Ecosystem’ Pressuring Biden to Address Hunter Issue

Brent Baker | July 31, 2023
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NBC’s Chuck Todd on Sunday only reluctantly raised Hunter Biden with a Democratic Senator before regretting the conservative “ecosystem” is forcing the topic into the public discourse. “Let me start with the Hunter Biden situation and I understand that, you know, you believe this is all being emphasized due to politics,” Todd demurred to Senator Chris Coons, co-chair of the Biden-re-election committee. 

Todd soon lamented how “House Republicans are gonna accuse” President Biden of misdeeds, “they’re going to make the accusation, whether they have the evidence or not,” because they “have an information ecosystem that helps amplify it.” So, should President Biden needs to just say ”hey, despite what you hear, just so you know, I don’t do business with my son or my brother”?

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