NBC Reveals 'Dirty Little Secret': People Can Afford Inflation Just Fine

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 14, 2021
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Are you or someone you know struggling financially to cope with the soaring cost of inflation? Well, according to NBC business correspondent Stephanie Ruhle on Sunday Today, the “dirty little secret” is that the American public can afford inflation just fine and they’re just bellyaching. But you just might have to sell your home or tap your 401K to survive the winter.

Following a report where she admitted inflation was at a 30-year-high at 6.2 percent, there were fewer discounts on holiday shopping items, gas prices were up 60 percent, and home heating costs would see a roughly $500 increase, Ruhle went off on those who were concerned about making ends meet.

And the dirty little secret here, Willie [Geist], while nobody likes to pay more, on average we have the money to do so,” she declared. And Ruhle’s ranting was prefaced by her suggestion that she needed “put this in perspective.”


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