NBC Lies About Psaki’s ‘Great Reputation,’ Omit Manipulated Presser Video


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The Biden administration was only a few hours old and NBC Nightly News was already trying to gaslight their viewers. As the liberal media were eagerly awaiting the White House’s first press briefing Wednesday night, chief Washington correspondent Andrea Mitchell spun a false tale about Press Secretary Jen Psaki’s “great reputation” at the State Department. Of course, what they weren’t telling viewers was that her press shop manipulated an official briefing video of Fox News catching them in a lie about the Iran nuclear deal.

As they were waiting for Psaki to make her first appearance behind the White House podium for President Biden, anchor Lester Holt mislead viewers about how much the media swooned for Democratic presidents. “Andrea, it's probably fair to point out that even the best of times it's an adversarial relationship, often, between the press and presidencies,” he teed her up.

Responding, Mitchell beamed about Psaki and her purported “track record” of being honest with the press.


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