NBC Ignores Historically Low Unemployment in Favor of More Hyperbolic Commentary From Chuck Todd


The jobs report that came out Friday showed that the unemployment rate dropped to 3.5 percent; the lowest in half a century. Yet, the three evening newscasts on the "alphabet soup" networks decided that this historic occasion merited little to no coverage. NBC Nightly News did not bring up the jobs report at all while CBS Evening News host Norah O'Donnell only spent 14 seconds talking about the jobs report. ABC World News Tonight devoted the most time to talking about the economy of the three broadcasts: 18 seconds.  Instead of a report on the historically low unemployment, NBC Nightly News viewers were subjected to more hyperbolic commentary from Chuck Todd; who accused President Trump of "testing the limits of the Constitution" and admitting to "violations of his oath to the Constitution." Todd warned that if President Trump's behavior is "condoned" by the Republican Party, "we are going to go down a rabbit hole and we're going to go down a slippery slope that is going to question our institutions...it's basically going to question the legitimacy of our democracy in ways that I don't think we've quite fathomed." Todd closed his monologue by declaring that "every elected official in that Congress has to be thinking about that going forward." 

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