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NBC: Dems Have to Show GOP Extreme on Abortion; ABC: GOP Is Extreme


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During Sunday’s morning newscasts, NBC’s Sunday Today was talking about how Democrats had to define Republicans as extreme on abortion while ABC’s Good Morning America asserted that the GOP was extreme. Meanwhile, the broadcast networks have almost completely ignored the Democratic Party’s support for abortions up until the day of birth and a failed attempt to legalize infanticide in Virginia.

Host Willie Geist brought on Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd and immediately touted how, “The 2020 field on the Democratic side, obviously, this week, Chuck, was quick to jump all over the law that was signed by the governor of Alabama, which makes no exception for rape or incest.”

“What’s the impact here politically, Chuck? We can take abortion as a debate on its own, but the politics of it, that Democrats are going to look at this issue and say, ‘Alabama, that is the Republican Party right there,’” Geist said.


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