NBC Anchor Tries to Bully Haley into Dropping Out, She Tells Him Off

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 14, 2024
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The liberal media had given themselves the title of the defenders of democracy, but they didn’t want to see democracy play out. That was obviously the case on Wednesday’s Today when NBC anchor Craig Melvin tried to bully former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley out of the Republican nomination race for president. As he should, Melvin got an earful when Haley called him “ridiculous” and told him off for pretending to be concerned about the GOP for the general election.

“He is clearly head and shoulders above the rest in terms of front-runner status, right now you would concede. What does that say about the party? Why has your message not broken through so far?” Melvin sniped at her.

She pushed back, suggesting, “Well, I think my message has broken through. Not only are we getting Republicans we're getting independents, we’re getting Reagan Democrats. The people who want the anger to stop, the people who want the division to stop, and the people who want us to stop having 80-year-old candidates.”


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