MSNBC's Reid Tries to Blame Trump for Immigrants Drowning

bradwilmouth | June 29, 2019
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On Saturday's AM Joy, MSNBC host Joy Reid tried to defend the liberal double standard of attacking President Donald Trump's treatment of illegal immigrants even when President Barack Obama did similar things as she claimed Obama was just doing it to appease Republicans and get a deal on the issue. She also tried to blame Trump for an immigrant father and daughter drowning in the Rio Grande as if illegals were not already crossing the border that way before Trump was President.

A little after 11:00 a.m. Eastern. as she introduced the segment, Reid recalled:

And it really does beg the question: Can we trust an administration whose draconian policies have exacerbated the desperation at the border as captured in this picture that, we want to warn you, is very graphic, of a father and his young daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande river this week as they tried to cross from Mexico into the United States.

A few minutes later, liberal film maker Rob Reiner declared that President Trump's strategy for reelection is to "demonize the brown people" without solving any problems: "Trump is not interested in solving this problem. He is interested in keeping this alive so he has an issue to run on in 2020. That's all he has, is to demonize the brown people that are coming to America."

Reid then tried to cover for the liberal double standard on President Obama as she responded:

Yeah, and, you know, to demonize them ... the difference between Trump's get tough on the border policy and President Obama's policy, which was, number one, President Obama was trying to demonstrate to the other side to Republicans that he's willing to be tough in terms of border enforcement, thinking he could get a deal, thinking if they were tough on that, then Republicans would come to the table, which never happened.

As if both President have not done a combination of both nabbing illegals at the border and arresting those inland to deport, she spun even further to cover for the double standard as she added:

And the other issue was that what President Obama was being criticized for was deporting people. Donald Trump isn't deporting people -- they're holding people captive for money. What Donald Trump seems to see here is that the Geogroup and these other for-profit private prisons can make a lot of money holding kids, especially if they don't spend money feeding them.

Rolling Stone's Jamil Smith accused Trump of "torturing" children as he responded:

Right, one of the points that I made in my column earlier this week was that, yes, we did open the door quite a bit with past policies to President Trump having these kids tortured essentially in these incarcerated, you know, states that they have right now. But I think that, you know, you can't necessarily say that "Obama did the same thing, President Bush did the same thing.

He soon added: "What we have right now is torture." After describing some of the poor conditions that have been alleged, he concluded: "What we have now is, essentially what you stated before, Guantanamo Bay for children."

Host Reid soon suggested that Trump wants to inflict "cruelty" on children to prove to his supporters that he is being tough: "So he can capture these kids, and hearing about the cruelty demonstrates to his base that he's getting tough on the right people, that he's hurting 'the right people,' quote, unquote."

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