MSNBC's Hayes Dismisses Social Media Summit as 'Ice Cream Social For Trolls'

Ryan Foley | July 12, 2019
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MSNBC host Chris Hayes devoted a two minute-long monologue to trashing President Trump's social media summit on Thursday's edition of All In.  According to Hayes, "instead of social media companies like Twitter and Facebook, they invited a pack of Trump-supporting, race-baiting conspiracy theorists." Attendees at the event included Lila Rose of the pro-life group Live Action, Senator Marsha Blackburn, and Congressman Matt Gaetz; all well-established voices in the conservative movement, not "race-baiting conspiracy theorists." Hayes proceeded to describe the event as "kind of like an ice cream social for trolls." After playing some video clips from the event, Hayes warned that "what took place at the White House today threatens to further undermine the truth in American politics."