MSNBC’s Scarborough and Barnicle Blame ‘Stalinist’ Trump for Gianforte Hitting Journalist


<p>Joe Scarborough and Mike Barnicle on the Thursday, May 25 <em>Morning Joe</em> on MSNBC:</p>

<p>Joe Scarborough: &ldquo;You can draw a straight line from Republican candidates thinking that sort of behavior is okay when you have Donald Trump berating reporters, throughout the entire campaign, suggesting terrible things, calling them &ndash; using the Stalinist term &lsquo;enemy of the people.&rsquo; A term so offensive even in the Soviet Union that Khrushchev outlawed it after Stalin died...This is not a big leap from what the head of the Republican Party is saying every day and what happened last night in Montana.&rdquo;</p>

<p>Mike Barnicle: &ldquo;On that straight line, Joe, I mean, you can track all of the candidates&rsquo; prior statements about the media, the media is against us, the media is against you the people and it leads inevitably to something like this.&rdquo;</p>

<p><em>&gt;&gt; This video clipped to illustrate Paul Bedard&#39;s May 30 Mainstream Media Scream for the Washington Examiner &lt;&lt;</em></p>

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