MSNBC Outraged Israel Refuses Two-State Solution While Hamas in Power

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 19, 2024
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The Israel/Hamas War was still raging in the Gaza Strip on Friday with no end in sight, especially since Hamas was still refusing to release the hostages. But on MSNBC, host Andrea Mitchell and chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel were clutching their pearls over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejecting the idea of a two-state solution with the Palestinians while their Hamas government was still in power. Engel engaged in revisionist history to blame the collapse in peace talks on the PM instead of Palestinians, and Mitchell was schooled on the situation by a Democratic senator.

“Netanyahu saying that he definitely will not consider a path towards a Palestinian state, which as you know has been U.S. and E.U., U.N. policy for decades and decades,” Mitchell whined. “And this is now the crux of a Saudi and Arab and U.S. plan for a post-Gaza reconstruction, governance, and eventual statehood.”

Engel lamented it wasn’t likely Netanyahu would be up for “softening in his position or his government” anytime soon. “This is his position. This is the core of his identity. And it is what he is using to hold his coalition together,” he chided.


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