MSNBC Lashes Out at Maine Voters for Loving 2A, Rejecting Gun Control

Nicholas Fondacaro | October 26, 2023
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In the wake of the mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine overnight, the liberal media made their predictable and ghoulish push to strip law-abiding American gun owners of their Second Amendment rights. MSNBC’s Chris Jansing was particularly irritated as she spent part of her eponymous show on Thursday lashing out and attacking the residents of Maine for supporting the Second Amendment and repeatedly rejecting attempts to curtail their rights via gun control legislation.

Jansing openly whined that Mainers were exercising their right to vote, live how they wanted, and pass the laws they felt were right for them:

In Maine, though, efforts to tighten state laws have repeatedly been defeated. The Associated Press reports that “proposals that require background checks for private gun sales and create a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases failed earlier this year. Proposals that focused on school security and banning bump stocks failed in 2019. State residents have also voted down some attempts to tighten gun laws in Maine,” and it goes on.

Growing more hysterical as the segment went on, Jansing looked to MSNBC anchor Lindsey Reiser to decode Maine’s supposedly mysterious gun laws. “You’ve been looking into Maine's gun laws, what did you find?” she asks as if she was translating the Rosetta Stone.


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