MSNBC Downplays Own Exclusive Report, 2nd Batch of Docs Biden Stole

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 11, 2023
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Another shoe dropped Wednesday afternoon as MSNBC correspondents Ken Dilanian and Carol Lee reported exclusively that a second batch of confidential documents was found at a location associated with President Biden, possibly at one of his homes in Delaware. But instead of the shrill suggestions of espionage and other forms of impropriety they leveled against former President Trump, the far-left liberal network manned the ramparts and tried to downplay their own reporting.

“We got to get some news breaking to us just in the last couple of minutes here at NBC News,” host Hallie Jackson announced on her eponymous show. “Aides to President Biden have apparently discovered another set of classified documents. This time in a different location than the office where the first batch was discovered, according to a person familiar with the matter.”

As the Justice and intelligence correspondent, Dilanian was up first to report that “aides to President Biden have been conducting an exhaustive search, we are told, of other locations … Because if it happened once and it could happen again.”


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