MSNBC Crew Confused as to Why Biden's Gax Tax Gimmick Isn't Popular

Margaret Buckley | June 23, 2022
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Even the liberal hosts of MSNBC's Morning Joe on Thursday seemed somewhat perplexed on how to fully cheerlead for Joe Biden’s proposed solution for combating pain at the gas pump.

Mika Brzezinski added that the President “is also asking states to suspend their own gas taxes which he says could bring prices down as much as $1 per gallon.” But to her dismay, “many economists and lawmakers from both parties view the idea with skepticism and suggest it won't do much to help consumers.”

Brzezinski appeared shocked when she learned that Nancy Pelosi was “noncommittal” to Biden’s idea, but did not seem at all surprised when learning that Senator McConnell “quickly dismissed the idea calling it quote, ' silly proposal.'"