MSNBC Compares GOP Congresswoman to Osama Because She Posed Guns

Nicholas Fondacaro | February 23, 2021
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MSNBC All In host and noted beta male Chris Hayes smeared Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO) on Tuesday, because she dared to display her guns as decorations during a virtual congressional hearing. Comparing her to the likes of Osama bin Laden and Communist revolutionaries in Cuba, he claimed her display was an “implicit threat” of politically motived violence, and suggested all in the GOP were “now signaling they retain the right to use violence to overthrow the government at any time.”

In teasing the pathetic segment, Hayes flashed an image of Boebert and her background, which featured two ARs, a shotgun, and her famous Glock. “Do you notice something different with the bookshelves? Not just a stockpile of weapons sitting behind her, there is a deeper meaning to this image. An implicit threat, too,” he declared.

Besides the laughable idea that four weapons constituted a “stockpile,” Hayes whined about how Boebert had “built her political identity around guns” and allowed people to carry them in the restaurant she owned back home. “Boebert vowed to carry a Glock around D.C. and on Capitol Hill. She released a video to make sure that we all knew it,” he huffed.

The ignorant MSNBC host then went on to scoff at the idea that she would want the guns to defend her family and her four boys, something millions of Americans own guns for.


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