'Morning Joe' Tees Up Anti-Birth Dem to Spread 'Dangers' of a 'Post-Dobbs America'

Margaret Buckley | August 2, 2022
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Now that the January 6 hearings are taking a hiatus before its new season, it seems like Morning Joe is struggling to find things to gripe about. So on Tuesday, they decided to conduct an experiment using Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), hoping he’d be a pawn in their plot to push their pro-abortion agenda. Their experiment worked.

The show’s main host, former U.S. Congressman and self-proclaimed Republican Joe Scarborough threw the first weak pitch towards Kaine, hoping he’d take the swing. He first ranted his anger over the Republicans shooting down a bill that could potentially help Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans, labeling them as “anti-veteran.”

He then ranted: “You look at that radicalism, the radicalism of opposing universal background checks that 90 percent of Americans support, the radicalism of passing legislation on state levels that force 10-year-old rape victims to cross state lines because they are afraid that they’re going to be compelled to have a forced birth of their rapist’s baby.”