Moore on 'Real Time': Trump Resents Michigan Because 'There's Not a Single White Guy' in Elected Office, Trump Losing Will be 'the Best Eviction Ever'

Ryan Foley | May 23, 2020
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Far-left documentary maker Michael Moore appeared on Friday's edition of Real Time and not surprisingly, Moore and host Bill Maher spent their entire conversation spouting off left-wing talking points and conspiracy theories. According to Moore, "if we make it easy for people to vote, if we don't have voter suppression, Republicans are going to lose because the majority of the country does not support the Republican agenda...The only way Republicans can win, and this has been true now for a few elections, is to cheat." Moore trashed Second Amendment supporters as inhumane, claiming that "they want to kill Bambi." The left-wing filmmaker predicted that the only way Republicans will win the presidential election is if Trump is "able to cancel the election or 'postpone' it." Moore also rattled off an insane theory that President Trump resents Michigan because "the governor's a woman, the lieutenant governor is black, there's a lesbian who's the attorney general, and a single mom is the secretary of state...there's not a single white guy anywhere in there and I think he doesn't like to deal with that." Towards the end of the conversation, Moore fantasized about getting "millions of Americans to show up and escort him in the best eviction ever that's taken place in the United States and...remove this motherf***er from the White House."

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