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Mollie Hemingway Calls Out WaPo’s Double Standard for Sex Assault Claims


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If you think you noticed a difference in the liberal media’s ferocity, or lack thereof, in pursuing the two sexual assault allegations against Virginia Lieutenant Governor Justice Fairfax (D) and Justice Brett Kavanaugh, you’re not wrong. As The Federalist senior editor Mollie Hemingway called out during an appearance on Fox News Channel’s MediaBuzz on Sunday, The Washington Post sat on the allegations against Fairfax for months while they pounced on those against Kavanaugh.

As they began their panel discussion, host Howard Kurtz noted the allegations against Fairfax were from the early 2000s, where those against Kavanaugh allegedly happened in the mid-1980s.

“From the media angle, I think The Washington Post comes out looking very poorly. They said they didn’t run with the Justin Fairfax story even though they had this information about him last year,” Hemingway responded.


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