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‘Misleading a Lot of People’: Mukasey Calls Out Cuomo’s Russia Conspiracies


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During his appearance on Tuesday’s Cuomo Prime Time, former Attorney General  Michael Mukasey didn’t shy away from calling Chris Cuomo out for “misleading a lot of people” when it came to the findings of the Special Counsel investigation. In a brilliant display of schooling the so-called “facts first” network, Mukasey went toe-to-toe with blowhard host and outclassed him at every turn.

One of Mukasey’s first points was to accurately state that collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia didn’t happen. Despite the facts of the investigation, Conspiracy Cuomo argued that collusion did occur. Then came the first of many reality checks from Mukasey:

CHRIS CUOMO: Who says it didn’t happen? Russian interference happened.

MUKASEY: Russian interference happened for sure, but cooperation and conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russians did not happen. And that was—

CUOMO: To a criminal level, no says Mr. Mueller.

MUKASEY: To any level.

Cuomo likes to remind folks that he used to be a lawyer, but it may become apparent why he no longer practices law when he had to get the U.S. attorney general’s job explained to him more than once.


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