Meet the Press BLAMES TRUMP for Cuomo’s Refusal to Resign Governorship

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 14, 2021
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Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was the one who ordered COVID patients into nursing homes killing thousands, and it was he who allegedly put his hands on multiple women and sexually harassed more. But according to NBC's Meet the Press on Sunday, it was former President Trump's fault that Cuomo was refusing to resign as pressure mounted and more allegations came out.

As he began the final topic the mostly liberal panel would discuss during the program, NBC political director and moderator Chuck Todd looked to longtime MSNBC commentator John Heilemann as he huffed about Cuomo essentially forcing President Biden to say something:

Basically, the only prominent Democrats not calling for his resignation outside the state of New York, I guess, at this point is the president and the vice president. I don't know how Cuomo hangs on other than that doesn’t mean he still won’t try to hang on. How does this end?

Heilemann first touted the media for looking into the allegations and scandals (months late) but then asserted it was all Trump’s fault that Cuomo was refusing to step down.

“I think, you know, that the other thing that's true is Cuomo is totally dug in. I think the likelihood of Cuomo resigning is close to zero. And I think, you know, he is following right now – uncomfortably for a lot of Democrats – he’s following what is seen now as the Trump precedent,” he suggested. “You know, if you are determined enough, you are shameless enough, you can hold on.


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