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Media Largely Ignore Death of San Jose Woman at the Hands of Illegal Immigrant


Two weeks ago, Bambi Larson of San Jose was murdered by illegal immigrant Carlos Arevalo-Corranza, who has an extremely lengthy criminal record. Not surprisingly, the legacy media largely ignored this story. With the exception of CNN's Early Start and a segment on Univision, all of the cable news coverage of Larson's death came from either Fox News or One America News Network. The Ingraham Angle, one of the Fox News shows that has covered Larson's death, obtained a copy of a DHS immigration detainer notice for Arevalo-Corranza from October 9, 2018; one of seven detainers ICE has issued for him. The detainer had a stamp with the words "not honored per county policy," referring to the sanctuary policy of Santa Clara County, which contains San Jose. Ingraham pointed out what this stamp means: "it was the sanctuary city status that was directly at fault for this crime and for the man being on the loose." No wonder the pro-amnesty, pro-sanctuary city media didn't want to cover it; it would throw a wrench into their narrative about how wonderful sanctuary cities are. Ingraham continued: "DHS just confirmed to us, just shortly before the show went to air, that the suspect was not only in the country illegally but had left and then reentered after he claimed asylum."

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