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Media Ignore Buttigieg Family Feud After Delighting in Family Feuds Involving Republicans


Ordinarily, the media have quite an appetite for covering political family feuds; especially CNN. Last year, the network gave air time to relatives of Republican Congressman Paul Gosar, White House adviser Stephen Miller, and outgoing Republican Congressman Bob Goodlatte to either trash their relatives and/or endorse their Democratic opponents.  However, they did not share the same enthusiasm for giving a platform to Democratic Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's brother-in-law, who took issue with some of the information in a Washington Post article profiling Chasten Buttigieg, the candidate's husband. The article alleges that Chasten suffered from "a childhood marked by intense poverty and an intolerant family that turned their back on him because of his lifestyle." Chasten's brother, Pastor Rhyan Glezman, appeared on The Ingraham Angle Thursday night to tell his side of the story. Ingraham opened the segment by noting that "since The Washington Post article came out, the family has been hateful messages by e-mail, social media, and text, one suggesting next guest kill himself." This story has most of the dynamics of all of the other family feud stories surrounding Republican politicians; yet CNN and the media chose not to cover this one because it involved the family of a Republican politician. They're too busy asking Buttigieg if he sees running for President as a "sexy challenge."

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