Maher: Ronald Reagan a "Race-Baiting...Anti-Intellectual" Who'd Fit In "Just Fine" With Tea Party

RichNoyes | June 10, 2013
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[WARNING: Video clip contains vulgarity.]

On the June 7 edition of HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher castigated Ronald Reagan as a right-wing extremist who would “fit in just fine” with today's Tea Party: “This has become a kind of conventional wisdom — that the Republican Party has gone so far right, Reagan himself wouldn’t fit in....Ronald Reagan was an anti-government, union-busting, race-baiting, anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-intellectual, who cut rich people’s taxes in half, had an incurable case for the military-industrial complex, and said Medicare was socialism that would destroy our freedom. Sounds to me like he would fit in just fine....Both sides really should stop pretending he was something other than the man most responsible for our decline.”

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