Lemon v. Lemon: I Don’t Demonize, the Maskless Are Not Good People

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 19, 2021
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In just 24 hours, CNN Tonight host Don Lemon flaunted his hypocrisy and two-faced nature as he first bragged about how he would “treat people as humans” on Wednesday; only to lose his cool on Thursday as he shouted about how people who didn’t like wearing masks or criticized Dr. Anthony Fauci needed to learn how to be “a decent human being.” This was all spurred on by a combative exchange Fauci had with Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) during a Senate hearing earlier in the day.

“We’ve been dealing with these topics of race and bigotry and unconscious bias a lot lately. We need to do something about it. I am going to run. I love you. I’m going to get to it,” Lemon pontificated to friend and fellow CNN host Chris “Fredo” Cuomo during Wednesday’s handoff.

Lemon then boasted about their friendship made them better people: “I love you, brother. I love you. More relationships like this so we treat people as humans and we see the humanity in each other and not as some other and demonizing other people. So, thank you, Chris. I love you, brother.”

Now, Lemon did speak badly about Republicans during his show that night, but the poetry of handoff vs. handoff made for a fun showcase of his hypocrisy.


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