Lemon Smears Trump Supporters as ‘Selfish’ for Opposing High Taxes


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The hate was pumping during the Tuesday handoff between Cuomo PrimeTime and CNN Tonight as the host of the latter, Don Lemon, lashed out at dune buggy-riding Trump supporters. In another basket of deplorables-like moment, the bitter CNN host accused well-off Trump supporters of exposing their “selfishness” and lack of Christian values because they didn’t want to fork over more of their hard-earned money to taxes.

Lemon’s venom-spitting was rooting in a segment done on Chris Cuomo’s show the hour before showing off Trump supporters taking part in a dune buggy rally in Oregon. “Boat parades, car caravans, bike parades. What attendees have in common is disposable income to spend on fun,” reporter Ellie Reed chided. “While Trump's working-class supporters have gotten a lot of attention, in 2016 a third of his voters made more than $100,000 a year.”

In an interview with Reed, Trump supporter Eric Nelson explained that he backed the President because he worked hard for what he had in life, even working to put himself through college, and didn’t want to have his money taken from him to just be given away or wasted (Click “expand”):

ERIC NELSON: The reason we're here to support Trump is because we believe that Trump will help us be able to keep the money that we make and let us be able to work as hard as we want and not give our money away.


People like Nancy Pelosi can, you know, get her fundings through to give money to people who aren't willing to work for it. I worked all my life. I had to work to put myself through college so I could get my job and do what I enjoy which is an activity like this, and spend $15-20,000 on toys because I choose to.

That one-third of well-off Trump supporters suddenly became President Trump’s base when Lemon decided to smear them. “It kind of dismantles that whole thing about economic anxiety was the reason that Trump got elected. Those people have no economic anxiety. They're rich,” he exclaimed, ignoring the other two-thirds of Trump’s 2016 voters.


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